5 of the World’s Most Romantic Getaways

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, this week we are going to talk about some of the world’s Most Romantic Getaways. 

Trying to plan a romantic trip for an anniversary, honeymoon, or just to spend time with a special someone… we’ve got some where for every season!

Tuscany, Italy

Those of you who know me know I LOVE Italy, so of course I had to include it in this list. Now I may love Italy, but it is definitely a place to consider if you are looking for a place to visit with your special someone. 

First, you can drop by the Chianti region which is known for its amazing wines. It also has the Strada dei Castelli, which means Road of Castles, which has medieval castles, fortresses, and some of the most famous wineries to visit!

There are also many indoor and outdoor bathing spots such as Saturnia, which is a hotspring near Maremma that stays warm all year long. The perfect place to relax!

Kyoto, Japan

During the spring, one of the most famous events that happens is the blooming of the cherry  blossoms.

One place you can visit to be surrounded by the beautiful cherry blossoms is Kyoto Imperial Palace Park. You walk through the gates and are met with many fluffy white and pink trees. You can also go through the Kyoto Botanical Gardens which have many path for you to explore.

You can also Kiyomizu-dera Temple which is beautifully lit up at night. It is also a great place to see the blossoms without being surrounded by crowds.

Please remember that if you choose to visit a temple in any country to be respectful of the cultures and traditions in that place.

Southern France

There are so many gorgeous towns in Southern France to visit in the summer.

If you are looking for a nice coastal city, you can visit Cannes and enjoy walks along the beach and beautiful dining options with an ocean side view.

For those looking for a fantastical adventure, you can visit Carcassonne which has old walls and castles from century agos. 

You can also visit Provence which has quiet beaches as well as fragrant fields filled with lavender or sunflowers!

The Balkans

There are so many different countries to visit all filled with amazing architecture, mountainous views, and beaches to spend time at.

For the mountainous views and old architecture, you can stop by Kotor, Montenegro or Ohrid, North Macedonia which has old churches and lakeside views.

Another hidden gem is Mirusha Falls, Kosovo where you can hike through the forest and explore the calm environment.

The Maldives

For those looking for an escape, the Maldives is a great place to visit especially in the winter. They are filled with many resorts and amazing beach views.

You can have a lovely dining experience at Gulhifushi Island or go exploring on a Safari Boat Cruise!

There are also plenty of resorts or villas you can stay at all along the beach!


What do you think?  Would you go to any of these places for a romantic getaway?