What NOT To Do After You Get Engaged

Last week I mentioned some things you need to do now that you are engaged… so let’s turn it around and talk about some things you shouldn’t do!  OneFabDay.com has a cute article on somethings you probably shouldn’t do.  

A couple of my top picks from the article include-

  • Don’t tell your social media followers before telling grandma!  Or anyone else in your family!  I mean let’s face it… your family should hear it from you personally… and not from a neighbor down the street who follows you on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Don’t commit or book anything during the first few weeks!  Don’t tell your family that sure they can invite all the cousins… don’t book the first venue you come across… just… wait…  Just be engaged… get used to the idea, let that idea and feeling roll around for a bit.  Wait until you know what YOU and your BETROTHED want before making any decisions.
  • Don’t go on a diet… seriously.  Your other half likes you just as you are… otherwise you wouldn’t be engaged.  Eat healthy, exercise, maintain…

So what do you think?  Do you have any don’ts to add to the list?