River Cruise During the Olympics

European river cruising is quite popular.  I mean, imagine a leisurely journey along a winding river… you’re surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, quaint little villages, and epic historical landmarks.  Each day you’re in a new city or town, exploring… each night you come back to the boat to enjoy savory, authentic dishes and then retire to your room- you only had to unpack once.

So how does this sound… It’s a beautiful summer’s day on the Seine River in Paris.  You’ve booked a gorgeous stateroom on a river cruise boat, and the Olympics are happening in Paris at the same time!  With airfare sky-high and hotel prices in Paris doubled and tripled, the river cruise may be the perfect solution to see Paris.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to see something happening in the Olympics!

Well… maybe not.

With the Olympics coming to Paris, the city officials have been working for a year to get the city ready… infrastructure projects, bike networks, parking lots, and the huge project of cleaning the Seine River- because not only will there be a 2-day marathon swimming event in the river, but I hear the river will also be used for the opening ceremony!

And here’s the thing… French officials have not communicated details, logistics, and docking positions to the river cruise companies.  And with so much unknown in the air, many of the river cruise companies are not offering river cruises on the Seine during the 3 weeks the Olympics are in Paris.  The river cruise companies that ARE offering itineraries at that time are letting the travelers know that the itinerary could change depending on what the French officials do about the logistics.

So… if you are wanting to gently float down the river in Europe, maybe choose a different river during that time.  If you want to stay in France, perhaps the Rhône River, as you drift past Lyon and all of the eateries, as well as Burgundy with the vineyards of Beaune… this would be a great cruise for all of the foodies out there!


This post was inspired by Nicole Edenedo and her article in Travel Weekly on Dec 13, 2024 “How river cruise lines are tackling the 2024 Paris Olympics”