Hidden Gems

Now that we’ve seen some places to visit this summer, perhaps you are thinking that these places will be too crowded or are just not for you.

No worries… here are some hidden gems you may want to visit instead!

🇮🇹 Our first stop is Varenna, Italy!

Varena is one of the cities that lies on the eastern shore of Lake Como. There are many things to do ranging from exploring one of the city’s many botanical gardens to exploring historical castles such as the Castle of Vezio. 

One place that you could stay at is Villa Cipressi. It is surrounded by terraced gardens and centuries-old cypress trees which is where it gets its name!

🇮🇪 Second stop is Westport, Ireland!

In the town, there are many colorful places to stop in Westport such as the mall which is the area that lines the Carrowbeg River. There is also the Westport Adventure Park which has many activities for all ages where you can wander the Westport house and ride swan pedal boats. 

For those looking for a more outdoorsy adventure, you can paddle along the Blueway along with other water activities or hike up Craogh Patrick.

🇲🇽 Third up is Bacalar, Mexico!

Bacalar is one of the towns deemed as Pueblo Mágico, or “Magic Town,” that lies in the Yucatan Peninsula. This title means it is symbolically or historically important to Mexico. 

One of the main attractions is the Lagoon of Seven Colors. Due to its clear water and white sand, it reflects many colors ranging from light blue to violet. You can spend the day swimming and snorkeling or relaxing while kayaking or taking a guided tour on a boat. 

Historically speaking, you can visit the now museum Fort of San Felipe which offers amazing views of the lagoon and was once used as the primary line of defense against Dutch and French pirates!

🇦🇺 Our fourth stop is at Byron Bay, Australia!

Byron Bay is just short of two hours south of Brisbane. There are many different beaches to visit. Of course, there is the Main Beach at Byron Bay—there is another called Belongil Beach which is a great place to go surfing and see what locals call “the Wreck.” 

What you can see from the beach is the rudder of the SS Wollongbar which served as a connection between Byron Bay and Sydney. 

There are other activities you can do by the water such as whale watching or on land like a wildlife safari!

🇦🇷 The last stop for this week is El Bolsón, Argentina!

El Bolsón lies in the middle of Argentina close to the border of Chile and is sometimes called a little hippie mountain town. You can visit the Feria Artesanal which offers over 200 stalls with ceramics, candles, and local goods.

If you are looking for an outdoor adventure, there are so many beautiful hiking trails to explore. You can also visit Bosque Tallado, or “carved forests,” which is a burnt forest where artists have used the remaining to create beautiful sculptures!


What do you think?  Would you like to visit some of these hidden gems?