Legendary Castles

Have I ever said how much I love palaces and castles?  Probably not… but now I’ve said it!

When we lived in Switzerland, every town had a chateau or castle… at least it seemed like it!  I loved touring them all!  And driving through the French countryside and seeing ruins of old castles… I just really love the “romance” of castles.  (Don’t worry… I know that castle life is not all that and a bag of chips!)

So as I was going through a travel trivia page (literally… the website is www.traveltrivia.com!) I see a short article called “5 Legendary Palaces You Should See” and BOOM!  One of my favorites is on the list!  The article lists the following five palaces/castles…

  • La Alhambra- Grenada, Spain
  • Mysuru Palace- Mysuru, India
  • Pena National Palace- Sintra, Portugal
  • Chateau de Chambord- Chambord, France
  • Potala Palace- Tibet, China

I do love the Chateau de Chambord… the Loire Valley is beautiful with many castles dotting the landscape!  And Chateau de Chambord with the double helix staircase designed by Leonardo di Vinci!  The rooms are beautiful, and the history!  Love that castle!

Although I want to add a castle or three to the list…

  • Royal Palace- Bangkok, Thailand
  • Chateau de Chenonceau- Chenonceaux, France
  • Chateau de Chillon- Montreax, Switzerland

I really could add a laundry list of castles… but perhaps another day!

What castles have you visited that you would add to the list?  Or what castle would you love to go visit?  Let me know!