Honeymoon: yes or no?

Why should you go on a honeymoon?

I’ve been asked “do I really need to go on a honeymoon?” or “should I go on the honeymoon right after the wedding?” or even “it’s just so expensive!  How can I go AND take the time off work AND still afford the honeymoon?”

Do you NEED to go on a honeymoon?  No.  BUT…

One of the best wedding/event planners that I know had this to say about going on a honeymoon… 

“Your honeymoon serves as an enchanting escape to commemorate the beginning of your journey together and create indelible memories.” (Jeryse Kelly, Celebration Specialist and Owner, MJK Events)

Your honeymoon will be the first trip you take as a married couple.  After all of the hustle and bustle of the wedding itself, it’s always nice to wind down, together, where you can just enjoy being married.

And do you have to go on your honeymoon right after the wedding?  Heck no!  I’ve planned many honeymoons where they don’t go for a month, 3 months, even 6 months after the wedding!  Some couples even skip the honeymoon and have a fantastic trip for their first anniversary!

And setting the honeymoon out a little bit from the wedding also gives you the chance to gather money from the honey-fund or save up a little bit after the wedding.

Honeymoons are definitely a nice get-away with the one you love… 

So, how do you choose the perfect honeymoon destination?

Consider your interests and what type of experience you desire. That’s what we will talk about in our first conversation.

Are you foodies? Italy’s Amalfi Coast beckons with its delectable cuisine. Adventurous souls might opt for Kenya’s safaris. For those seeking pure relaxation, Koh Samui’s beaches are second to none. And if history and culture are your passions, Puerto Rico and Santorini offer an enchanting blend.

Whether it’s a secluded beachfront villa, a bustling city escape, or an adventure-packed itinerary, my goal is to make your honeymoon unforgettable.

So, embrace the spirit of adventure and wanderlust, and keep spreading the love for travel!  🌍✨ 

Where will your next journey take you?


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