All Aboard!!!

Some of the greatest trips don’t happen in a plane or car (although those could be a way to get to this type of trip)… they happen by train.  And of course, some trains rank way better than others!

The Travel Channel compiled a list of amazing train trips… and in no particular order, here they are!

  • Rocky Mountaineer (Canada)
  • Glacier Express (Switzerland)
  • Alaska Railroad (USA)
  • Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express (Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China)
  • Hiram Bingham Luxury Train (Peru)
  • Danube Express (Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey)
  • Rovos Rail (South Africa, Namimbia, Tanzania)
  • British Pullman (England)
  • The Ghan (Australia)
  • Royal Scotsman (Scotland)
  • Elipsos Trenhotel (Spain and France, Switzerland or Italy)

The Ghan is actually on my bucket list… bonus that Uluru is also on my bucket list!  So I can check two items off with one train ride!

Have you been on any of these remarkable trips?  Or is there one that you would love to go on?  Or perhaps there is one that you loved that isn’t on this list?  Let me know!