Adventure Travel

I’m not much of an adventure traveler… ok, I’m NOT an adventure traveler!  LOL. But I somehow married someone who likes to dabble in it, AND gave birth to two adrenaline junkies!  HAHA!

So when I saw an article in Travel + Leisure by Alex Schechter about 10 Incredible Adventures Around the World, well, I had to at least read it for the pictures!  But there might be one or two I would put on MY bucket list.

So some of the highlights in the article for me were-

  • Paragliding in Umbria, Italy– I would probably do this… I’m not a fan of high heights, but I mean heck… it’s Italy!
  • Seeing red hot lava in Hawaii– I would totally go to Hawaii to see lava!
  • Snorkling in Belize– my husband and family would do this… I wouldn’t mind being on the boat at the Great Blue Hole!
  • Canopy tour in Guatamala– my girls would do this in a heartbeat!  
  • Trekking to Machu Picchu– my husband and my girls would trek this… they all love to go hiking when the weather is nice here at home, so going up to Machu Picchu- that’s a no-brainer.  Me- I’ll ride the bus!  Not sure where my son would be on this…
  • Skydiving in Dubai– this one is for my husband, because he does love to skydive!

So what do you think?  Would you do these?  Or is there an adventure that you would like to go on that isn’t listed here?


Photo courtesy of the Belize Tourism Board