Bucket List… Do You Have One???

When you have a goal, you should write it down- right?  Because when you write it down, it becomes a reminder that you have that goal, and you start working on steps to make that desired goal into an achieved goal!

Shouldn’t it be the same for your bucket list?

Like a daily to-do list, a bucket list should be written down so you can check items off your list.  Whether your bucket list is activities, places, or a combination of both, by writing down the bucket list you begin to create smaller goals in order to meet your bigger goal.

Also remember that a bucket list is not just one item, then once you do that you’re done.  A bucket list should be a work in progress.  A list that you add to and pull from.  A bucket list evolves over time.

So if you haven’t started a travel bucket list, I encourage you to take a few moments and jot down 3-5 places you would LOVE to visit!  Today, I am adding these to my bucket list…

  • Visit the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain
  • Eat pizza in Naples, Italy
  • See the Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany

So tell me what your 3-5 places are!

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