Did I Do The Right Thing???

Wow… so posting every week obviously didn’t work out for me!  Hahaha!

And this Covid-19 hasn’t let up either!  When is it going to end?  I honestly thought it was going to be done by now… boy was I wrong!

And with this never-ending pandemic, every once in awhile the thought creeps into my head… did I do the right thing?  Going into travel?  A bunch of little negatives started cropping up in my head… oh what did I do???

Then I started thinking smarter…

I earned my Certified Travel Associate designation… THAT was not an easy thing to do!  I haven’t studied that hard since my MBA!  But so worth it!

I have earned many specialist designations… Italy, North America, Destination Weddings and Honeymoons, soooo many countries!  I’m currently working on Mexico… I have learned A LOT through these programs!  Definitely worth my time!

Then I booked two trips for a karate family (did I mention my whole family does karate???)… wow it was so fun researching those trips!  I Facebook stalked them (it’s not creepy… I told them I was going to when they posted pictures) and it looked like they had fun…

Now I’m researching a trip for a couple of other people, and again- I am enjoying the research!  Yes, I spend hours researching, but I love it!  And it’s time that these families can spend with each other instead of staring at a computer screen… Me?  I research while my kids are at school and my husband is working, so we’re still getting our family time in!

All this to say… yes!  I did the right thing!  I’m having a lot of fun doing this… even though the pandemic is a thorn in all of our sides!

So I stopped the stinkin’ thinkin’ and got my head on straight… and now I am more determined than ever!  So onward I go!