Ultimate Road Trip Packing List

Right now with the state of travel, road trips are becoming more popular than ever.  Whether it’s a trip to see relatives, camping or just to get out of the house (that you have been staring at the walls for the last 3-5 months! LOL), road trips are becoming the norm.

No matter where you are driving to, road trips (or train trips!  Or any trip!) are much better if you have the right supplies.  Travel + Leisure magazine has compiled a list of 14 must-haves that will make your road trip more comfortable.

  • Neck pillow- great if you are in the passenger seat!  Napping will be much more comfortable WITHOUT the after-nap neck cramp!
  • Picnic blanket- turn any stop along your route into a perfect lunch spot!  Also great to use for some star gazing at night.
  • Compact card wallet- if you’re running in and out of gas stations and rest stops, this is great to slip in your pocket… ladies- you won’t have to tote in your purse!
  • Drink tumbler- don’t want to accumulate too much unnecessary trash at stops?  Bring a vacuum-sealed tumbler!  It will keep your warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold longer.  Rinse and repeat.
  • First aid kit- you should have one of these in your vehicle anyway… you never know what could happen along the way.
  • Lumbar support seat pillow- one of these babies could save your back!  Especially on the long drives.
  • Audiobook membership- make the time go by faster by listening to a good book.
  • Cooler tote- bring drinks and snacks so you can take care of those cravings along the route.  Bonus- bring a sandwich you actually like (instead of those bland sandwiches that might be in the stops along the way.)
  • Backseat organizer- when traveling with kids, a backseat organizer might just save your sanity!  If you’re not traveling with kids, all of the little things you bring WON’T be rolling around the floorboard of your vehicle.
  • Sunglasses- protect your peepers from the sun while looking good doing it!
  • Sunscreen- protect your skin from the sun too with a good broad-spectrum sunscreen, minimum SPF 30.  Remember, a good sunscreen will block UVA and UVB rays.
  • Car charger for electronics- keep your devices charged… and don’t forget the cords!
  • Solar shower- ok… this is more for those going camping, but can we say WARM SHOWER?  Need I say more?
  • Noise cancelling headphones- if you feel the need to tune out the rest of the world on those long car rides, these would be great!

So there you have it!  Everything you need to get your kicks on Route 66!

Do you have any road trip must haves?