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Thank you Linda!  We wanted to go to Mexico but really didn't know where to start looking... after talking with us and working with us, she had us in an outstanding resort right on the water in Puerto Vallarta!  The kids absolutely loved it, and my husband and I enjoyed our time as well!

We'll definitely be coming back to you for more family trips!

  • Jane Gibbons

So we wanted to go on a cruise, but a different line this time (nothing against the one we normally go on... just wanted something different.)

Linda suggested the Disney Cruise Line.  We thought, sure, right- our kids are a little older, they aren't going to like it.  But she showed us the benefits of the Disney Cruise, so we were definitely intrigued!

I will admit... we were wrong!  We really loved the Disney Cruise!  There was a lot of things to do on the cruise for the kids as well for us!  We loved that there was unlimited sodas on deck for everyone!  (We're used to having to add that on as a drink package.)  Unlimited ice cream was my downfall!  

As soon as this pandemic is over, Linda is going to be booking another vacation for us!  She was great to work with on this vacation!

Thank you Linda!

  • The Carter family