I want to cruise without the vaccine!

Cruising without the vaccine...

The pandemic really played havoc with our lives!  Since 2020 (well, technically late-2019), the corona virus has been in the news everyday.

You may have had a cruise scheduled or perhaps you were looking at a cruise...

You have chosen not to be vaccinated.  It is the best choice for you.

But you want to go on a cruise, see other countries and feel the salt-air on your face... however right at the moment, covid vaccines are required and you are waiting for them to drop the vaccine requirement.  Sometimes you'll read news about cruising, but it's not always the subject at the top of your mind.

Let me track that for you.  It's not going to cost you a dime.

Just fill in your name, contact information, and which cruise line(s) you would like me to follow for you.  Once I hear news about vaccine requirements, I will send you a message to let you know.  It doesn't get any easier!

  • Click as many of the cruise lines you would like me to follow for you.