7 Pros and Cons for having a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have become very popular in the last ten years… but have you really thought about doing a destination wedding?  Do you know some of the pros and cons?

Here is a list of some of the top pros and cons…

PRO- Amazing Views for Photos- beautiful landscapes make amazing backdrops to pictures… the photos your photographer and guests will take will look amazing!

CON- Language Barriers- if the country you’re having your destination wedding in speaks a different language, you’ll have to figure out how to communicate… but it is a vacation, right?

Which becomes a…
PRO- Built-In Vacation- there’s nothing like being on vacation with all of those who mean a lot to you! (Language barrier and all…)  Everyone needs to get away sometimes… why not be the reason everyone has a fantastic vacation!?!

PRO- Potential Cost Savings- depending on where you are having your destination wedding, more than likely you will have cost savings over a domestic, traditional wedding.  

CON- Potentially Cost-Prohibitive for Guests- while cost-effective for the couple, guests will have to travel which may become a challenge for friends and family.  If guests are able to attend, you may want to ask them NOT to give you a gift. 

PRO- Intimate and Immersive- destination weddings tend to be more intimate, it’s an experience that will really transport your guests, and more than likely, your guests will never have this experience again.

Speaking of experiences…
PRO- Unique Experiences- destination weddings are unique options and are amazing experiences for couples who love to travel!


I know there are other pros and cons for having a destination wedding.  I just wanted to show you just a couple of them.

Do you have any questions about destination weddings?  Message me and ask me… let me answer them for you!